Owning your own Medical Practice can be very rewarding if you decide to market it correctly.  Whether you've just opened your doors or have been at it for 15 plus years, if you make the decision to take control of your business' future you can rollout or remake your practice in 3 to 6 months with a well designed marketing plan.

As business owners, we are a very fortunate group of people.  We are truly responsible for our own success and we don't have to ask anyone's permission for anything.  We recently conducted an exercise with a group of top performing Top Practices members.  In this exercise, we discussed the differences in investing time and money in our own businesses compared to any other investment vehicle we could fathom.  What we learned was incredible.  Not one member could come up with a better investment than his/her own business.  Nothing even came in as a close second.  Of course there are always those crazy stories of incredible windfall returns, but we weren't discussing one-time investments that couldn't be replicated, we were discussing good solid investments that were reproducible year in and year out. 
So why does all this matter:
As the Owners of Our Own Businesses, We Are Blessed to Have the Best Possible Investment Available to Us Under Our Own Direct Control!

So with that said then:

  • Why do so many of us find marketing our businesses so frustrating?
  • Why do we feel that marketing is a black hole that we pour money into that returns little or nothing?
  • Why are most of us working harder and longer and making the same or less money?
  • Why are so many of us exhausted much of the time?

The answer to these questions is easy to understand. No one taught us how to effectively market or promote our business in school. As a result we look around and just do what the next guy does. For whatever reason there's reassurance in doing the same thing as everyone else.

Because we are so overwhelmed where and how to start marketing, we just don't. Instead we believe that if we provide wonderful patient care and maintain a great work ethic then the word will get out and our business will grow. The only problem is that this approach is not sustainable. You will not acquire enough new patients to consistently grow your practice by just word of mouth.

So what's the answer?

At Top Practices we believe that every successful marketing program requires a system. A system that is opposite from what everyone else is doing.

Here is a top-level look at the Top Practices Marketing System:

  1. Be Different - All your messaging, all your advertising, all your marketing must be different than your competition. This is accomplished by focusing on your prospective patients - not you.
  2. Be Provocative - Now that you've got their attention because you focused on their issue(s) you've got to keep their attention in the form of a high value offer that is easy for prospective patients to accept.
  3. Capture the data - You must build your list as big as possible and keep it fresh and maintained. You must always require contact info for which in return your prospective patients receive your high value offer.
  4. Begin to market to your list intensively and persistently - With an informational conversion marketing campaign continue to educate these people who reached out to you for your initial high value offer.

Stop accepting the practice that walks through your doors! Find out more about how to effectively market your practice by visiting Top Practices at www.TopPractices.com.

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