Hi everyone, this is Rem Jackson, the CEO of Top Practices. You know, being in business is extremely difficult and one of the keys to having a very successful and thriving practice is to have a reception room that is filled with exactly the kind of patients that you want. That takes good marketing. And since 2007 Top Practices has been the leading marketing company in podiatry, enabling them to grow their practices, using our Four Pillars of Marketing System.

It's not easy to get your practice to the point where it needs to be. Marketing is the key for every business, no exception, not just podiatry practices, not just many other kinds of medical practices. It is the absolute key and if you have that right and you have that kind of revenue that's generated from great marketing when you have good cash flow, the sky is bluer. You breathe better. Life is just great. And so come to Top Practices. Check us out. Take a look at all of the testimonials of all of the doctors that we've helped. They are powerful and they are meaningful.

So, check us out and I'd be happy to talk to you. So just give us a call and let's talk about your practice and how we can take you from wherever you are now to where you really would just rather be. Why not? If not now, when? Talk to you soon.

Rem Jackson
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