"If you listen to the press, if you listen the experts, if you listen to the pundits - you are hearing an awful lot of people say that the demise of the small or solo practice is upon us. That eventually this is going to go the way of the dodo bird. I’m here to tell you this is not the case. Just think about this for a moment. Right now, there’s a little larger than usual number of doctors who are considering the profession, primarily because they’re close to their exit and all of the complications with ICD-10 and everything else that’s going on now are just too much for them to try to worry about. So they’re leaving, and when they leave, those patients need to go somewhere.

Our Top Practices members are reporting to us that they are coming to our small and solo-doctor practices. Five doctors, six doctors, seven doctors, or less - that’s what i’m talking about. They’re not going into the large systems or the large groups. All of the doctors who are currently graduating from residency have been told not to be thinking about private practice because it’s going to be extinct. So, while there are still a very nice group of doctors who are ready to become associates and work with you and become partners of yours, that’s a shrinking pool as well. Which leaves, right here in the center, this group of doctors who are in private practice. Now, if you can manage your practice well, if you can market your practice effectively, you basically have the entire playing field to yourself. This is the beginning of the Golden Age, I would say the second Golden Age, of Podiatry. It all comes down to, with all of these patients who are now in play, are they going to know that you’re the best option for them? That’s what Top Practices is 100 percent devoted to. Come check it out."

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC