Hi, everybody, this is Rem Jackson. And welcome to Top Practices.

I want to spend just a minute with you today, talking about this thought: Marketing is the highest value use of your time. And the reason I say that, is that if you're marketing your practice well, that means you're filling your reception room with exactly the kind of patients that you want to see. Patients that have interesting issues and problems that you enjoy working with every day. Patient that are fun to work with and are people that you like spending the day with. And also, patients who are profitable. The more profitable your work is, every time you're working with someone, the more of that that will flow to you. And if you have good, positive cash flow there's literally nothing better. The sky is as blue as it is here today in Las Vegas. You have an abundance, you can look at things and say, "Yes, I'll invest in that", or "No, I'm not going to do that now." It helps you sleep better at night, and it lets you do the things for your family that you want to do.

Marketing is the highest value use of your time. And at Top Practices, we have a method we call it the Four Pillars of Marketing. We've been using it since 2007 and have refined it over and over. It's simply the best plan for marketing a medical practice, your podiatry practice, in the country, actually in the world, because we're worldwide now. So, do me a favor. Call the number, send us an e-mail, stop by the website and find out more about how Top Practices can really be your partner as you market your practice

We're dedicated to your success. Have a good day.

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