"Hi, this is Rem Jackson, the CEO of Top Practices. I want to talk just for a moment about all of the changes that are coming to medical practices because of Value-Based Medicine in the next few years. I know that many, many doctors, many medical professionals are extremely unsettled by all of this. But I’m here to tell you that all of that fear is misplaced. In fact, we’re working right now with Collaborative Practice Solutions and Dr. John Guiliana, who is very studied on this exact topic. 
I’ll tell you this, there are two essential things, if you understand them, that will help you survive and thrive in everything that’s coming. You simply need to know how to manage your practice effectively, by the data, by the numbers. If you know all of the important data points inside your practice, you’ll then have the information that you need to effectively move into this new compensation system. I’ll tell you, those that do will be far happier than those that don’t. In fact, it looks like it could easily be even better. Believe it or not, the future is bright. Get some sunglasses, come join us, because this future is bright. 
The second thing is marketing. If you know how to fill your reception room with the kind of patients that you want, then all shall be well. That’s the mission and the goal of Top Practices. So I invite you to find out more, and if you’re so inclined come join us. Thanks very much."
Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC