Rem Jackson, CEO and Founder of Top Practices, discusses various challenges that podiatrists are facing in the rapidly changing world of podiatry. There are two ways that practice owners can view the coming changes in the podiatry industry. One way is to work harder, see more patients, be paid less, and struggle to maintain your current lifestyle, or you can see these upcoming changes as an opportunity, possibly the greatest opportunity of your career to move your practice forward and build the practice you want. The need for podiatrists is growing every day. Now the question becomes are you going to aggressively and effectively market your practice, or will you continue to accept only the business that comes through the door.

At Top Practices, podiatrists get the tools they need to get the clients they want, they learn systems and marketing practices that have led to double-digit growth for many other podiatrists, and they discover tools to help manage the rapid growth that they experience. The message at Top Practices is simple; with the help of others just like you who have achieved great professional success, you can explode your practice, grow your income, and change your life. The choice is yours. With upcoming changes in the podiatry world eminent there will be one of two outcomes for all podiatry practices. Many people will rely on word of mouth to grow their practice and they will ultimately fall behind. A select few entrepreneurs will learn from others who have achieved double-digit growth like the members of Top Practices and they will dominate the industry. Which person are you?

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