Hi there. This is Rem Jackson. I'm the CEO and the Founder of Top Practices, which is a company that helps podiatrists grow, manage, and really enjoy their practices. And recently, I sent out some emails and some information to a group of people that had been kicking the tires at Top Practices for quite a while. And I got a few responses. One of them said, "Rem, you assume too much." You know, I thought, okay, what's this? So, I read it and it was a well-considered, very thoughtful and I believe well-written and well-intentioned email saying, you know, Rem, you're saying that if I want to do better in my management, if I wanna do better in my marketing, that I really need to become a member of Top Practices. And you assume that I need you. And this doctor then outlined in a very short paragraph, some really great things that that doctor is doing and the kinds of results that he's getting. And I thought, you know, first of all, great, thank you. And we're trying to set up a call and actually talk, haven't done that yet.

So, if you're listening, I am talking to you now. That made me think, however, about a time of quite a long time ago, when I met a podiatrist named Dr. Peter Wishnie. Was in Columbus, Ohio, and I delivered on that day, the very first, all-day training for podiatrists on goal setting, mindset, marketing. And in that group of I'd say there are probably about 40 people, Dr. Wishnie was one of them. You know, and every time we were engaged in something, you know, he just knew the answer. He had an answer and he wasn't trying to insert himself into it any more than simply being really appropriately engaged. When I asked who in the room has done their goals. Not only did he have them, but he had them in that kind of Covey planner thing. He pulled it out of the breast pocket of his coat and he said, "Well, I've got them right here."

And it was very obvious to me on that day that Dr. Wishnie did not need Rem Jackson or Top Practices. But what happened was Dr. Wishnie wanted to become involved with Rem Jackson and Top Practices in the desire to just learn more. He already knew, he could teach that course all day long, but he didn't try to one-up me. He didn't try to show off. He simply tried to absorb as much information as he can. He is a lifelong learner to this day. He is still probably the single most involved lifelong learner that I know.

And so what I would say to that successful doctor who doesn't need Top Practices is: Take another thought about this, because what if your associating with an incredibly well-priced program that gives you access to experts, access to a large network of your peers, expert information and resources that are really voluminous with plans and execution plans that are designed to help you. What if you got just a few ideas that would make you even better. That's what truly successful people do. You know, Warren Buffet said, "Really successful people say no to almost everything incredibly successful people say no to everything, except those things that really matter." So no matter where you are, people often think, "Oh Top Practices is only for, you know, big multi-doctor practices that are already successful." We sure are, but no, we are not just limited to that. I've got startups, wonderful young doctors that are just so courageous and doing what they're doing. We're working together and they're lifting up and growing. I've got solo practitioners. I've got people in the last five or 10 years of their career that are really working on their exit and saying things like I wish I'd had done this 20 years ago.

There's a very, very, varied group of people that are inside Top Practices. So I want to say, I don't assume that you need Top Practices. I know that anybody who's a winner wants to be around other winners and learn from them. And one of the values we have in this really exceptional group is everyone wants to share back. So, I just want to say maybe it's time for you to really take a look at a path that could take you from here to here. Because I'll, I will say this one thing. This is an assumption that I do have, and it's this. Nobody can do it by themselves. Not me, not Peter Wishnie who I just talked about and not this really exceptional doctor that so thoughtfully responded back to me. No one can, that's the power of the mastermind. That's why I call participation in our marketing programs the Mastermind Group coined by the great Napoleon Hill almost a century ago. So is it time to join Top Practices? I'm not going to assume it is, but it just might be. Come to TopPractices.com and find out a little bit more. Give us a call. If you want to talk to me, I still personally coach every single member. Talk to you soon.


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