Hi everyone, this is Rem Jackson. I'm the CEO and the Founder of Top Practices. And I'm absolutely thrilled to announce that we have just released two professional development courses for medical offices for leadership and also for the staff.

The first one is called The Seven Secrets to Getting Your Nights and Your Weekends Back, authored by Dr. Peter Wishnie, who is one of the leaders in our Virtual Practice Management Institute here at Top Practices. Dr. Wishnie runs an incredibly well-run practice, and in this course he shares with you step-by-step, document-by-document, how you can actually do the same thing in your practice and how you can get your nights, your weekends back, drop your stress, have a lot more enjoyable time at work, and ultimately make far more revenue. That's an exciting new course from Top Practices.

And right beside it is a course for your staff and for you that's authored by Tina Del Buono, our practice management expert in the Top Practices, Virtual Practice Management Institute, and a national consultant on these matters. She walks you and your staff step-by-step right through the procedure to be able to take charge, solve the seemingly never-ending challenges and problems and frustrations, and run your practice simply, smartly, and successfully. Your patient outcomes go up, your profits go up, your blood pressure goes down, and life's great.

And with both of these courses, they have our Top Practices Guarantee. If you get the course, you take the course, complete the course and still think, you know what, that did not do what I was hoping it would do for me. It didn't have the content that I wanted. Just let us know and we will—with no tears whatsoever—refund your money. We're that confident that this is going to help you.

We are dedicated to your success at Top Practices. Take a look at these courses. I think you're going to like what you see.

Rem Jackson
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