The program will begin on June 16, 2021 at 7:00 PM EST.


During this course we will cover the following main topics and more:


  • Having patients who are glad to pay you for your services.
  • Having patients who want to get better and will say yes to your recommendations…without objections.
  • Seeing fewer patients and making more money.
  • Developing better doctor-to-patient relations where your patients can’t wait to tell their friends and family about you.
  • A practice where patients actually keep their appointments.
  • Dusting off your expensive equipment that is sitting in the corner and using it in a regular fashion because your patients are getting better and they don’t object to paying for it.
  • Getting one more patient per day to pay for their orthotic devices out of pocket. What could that do to your bottom line?


Today, more than ever, it is so important to make sure patients pay for the services you render as well as provide cash services.

Insurance companies are auditing doctor charts more than ever and your notes better be spot on otherwise you will have to refund a large sum of money. With non-covered cash services, you won’t have to worry about that.

But what is the real reason doctors don’t provide cash services? The answer is doctors don’t feel comfortable asking patients to pay for services that are not covered. In a matter of fact, most doctor offices have a hard time asking their patients for their deductibles and copays.

You paid a lot of money to go to college and podiatry school. You provide a service that is truly needed and valuable. You own a business that requires you to pay either rent or a mortgage, gas, electricity, the phone bill, and your staff. Plus, there are so many more expenses that you have to pay for. You should never ever have to apologize for asking for money.

Money is something we use for exchange. You buy something that has a value to you. It might be something that brings you joy or something that helps you, and in our case, we help our patients get out of pain so they can have a better quality of life. In exchange, they pay us.

As long as we believe in our product, we should have no problem selling our services. If an insurance company does not cover orthotics and if it is what the patient needs, then you have to make sure the patient gets these devices and pays for them.


One pair of orthotics, paid for in cash, per day at $500 per pair, means another $2,000 per week (seeing patients for only four days), or $100,000 per year (assuming you took two weeks off for vacation).

How can that help you?

Now, imagine, providing one more laser service, or adding regenerative medicine, or even just getting all of your patients paying their deductibles, copays, and co-insurances at the time of service.

This three-month course will teach you how to do just that, which is getting your patients to say yes to all of your treatment plans - and pay for them.

You will learn:

  • The communication system that gets your patients to immediately trust you and your recommendations.
  • The presentation system that gets patients to say YES, YES, and YES!
  • How to sell anything to anyone. No more assuming who can pay or can’t.
  • How to handle all objections BEFORE your patients mention them.
  • The one question you must ask at the very beginning of your presentation in order to get your patient to pay you every time.



  • Weekly email discussions to go over the upcoming weekly game plan
  • Twice monthly one-hour Zoom calls that are recorded to keep you on track
  • Ability to message Dr. Wishnie via Voxer
  • Access to Dr. Wishnie's Facebook Group, 7 Figure Podiatry Business Secrets
  • Dr. Wishnie will train your staff to sell services
  • Private coaching call near the culmination of the program for planning and next steps
  • Two 911 emergency calls. Call for any reason because it is important.
  • “The Podiatry Practice Business Solution" by Dr. Peter Wishnie 
  • Podiatry Prosperity” by Rem Jackson 
  • “Truths from the Trenches” by Tina Del Buono



Email [email protected] to set up your free coaching session.