When most people think of newsletters, they think of an outdated marketing technique that died decades ago. They can’t help but ask, very skeptically, “Do they even work?” The short answer is yes, they do work and no, they aren’t old-fashioned. They can be one of your most valuable marketing tools and help you connect more effectively with your current patients, reach out to your potential patients, and encourage personal referrals to patients’ family and friends.

We’ve discussed this in-depth many times—you can read more about it on our blog—but here is the short version: your patients are too busy to remember you unless you stay in contact with them. They have too much else to worry about in their lives. A well-crafted marketing practice newsletter is interesting, engaging, and comes regularly enough that your patients won’t forget you. A print version also hangs around a house for a while and is easily passed around to friends and neighbors who have health issues you can handle. This encourages people to think of you first when they or someone they love have a problem you can solve.

Using your newsletter effectively means both crafting it well and sending it out often enough that your patients remember you and look forward to receiving your newsletter. Both the electronic and print copies have to be visually appealing and branded for your practice. All the articles have to be interesting and should cover more topics than just your specialties. And your newsletter should go out about once a month to keep you and your practice fresh in patients’ minds.

Newsletters are an excellent tool that many doctors are already using effectively. But you don’t have to take our word for it—you can take theirs! If you’re at all interested in using this incredible tool to grow your practice, contact us for more information about Top Practices Medical Newsletter Program and how you can get started. You can reach us by emailing [email protected] or by calling (717) 725-2679.
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