Tom Foster:

We sat down and we were having a beer and I was feeling kind of down about just like where things were going and about the business and I was feeling not in control and just kinda lost. And so with that, tell me, tell everybody what the story.

Rem Jackson:

Yeah, so I'm going to tell it the way I originally told it to you. It was a lion. And then later I, for some reason, I changed it to a tiger. But, and in my book, if you're reading it, you're like, well, I said a tiger and Tom's like, "Dude, it's not a tiger. It's a lion. You told me this storyline long time." So, in print, it's a tiger. But today it's the original lion story, which I heard years and years and years ago of those really cool Indian Swami guys, somewhere that just told this story. And I thought that's a really, I will never forget this story.

So Tom, again, Tom was having some business issues and he was feeling like he couldn't impact it. And so, I told him a story about a lion. And so the lions out in the jungle. And, you know, having a pretty good day and walks out and into a clearing and he sees all these Gazelles or whatever they are that they're, that they consider to be breakfast, lunch, or dinner. And the lion looks at him and he, and the lion thinks, you know what, "Hey, I'm hungry. I'm really hungry. I haven't had a good lion snack for a while, so I'm going to just run down one of those Gazelles and I'm going to, I'm going to have myself a really good meal." So the lion takes off, runs down one of the gazelles, brings it down and spends a really long time just eating as much of that gazelle that the lion wanted to. And it was a lot. So the lion's all done, you know, and finished and says, "That's awesome. Now, you know what I want to do now? I want to take a really good lion nap - a big, long lion nap."

So, the lion hopped over, you know, went back into the jungle party, saw this cave and he thought, good spot for a nap. So he hops into the cave and there's kinda like a, like a foyer of the cave. But then over in the corner, there's another hole and there's another little like room back in there. So the lion just jumps through that hole and it looks, and goes perfect! Perfect! So, lion just curls up, lays down and says, "I'm going to take me a great big lion nap." Just goes to sleep, sleeps a long time, really long time.

While he's in the cave sleeping, little spider happens to wander into the cave too, and looked at that very hole that the lion had jumped into, you know, just maybe an hour or so ago and thought that's a perfect place for me to spend a really awesome spiderweb, get me some lunch! So she got to work and she's going back and forth and back and forth, and she covered the entire hole with this gorgeous spiderweb. Next thing you know, she's eaten some flies and a couple other things, and she's just, just had the time of her life had a really good meal herself and heads off to wherever little spiders like to go take their nap too.

Long time later, lion wakes up, he looks around and he goes, "Hey, where's the hole that I jumped through?" Cause the spiderweb is completely covering the hole and he walks up and he goes, "Man, there was a hole here before. I don't know what I'm going to do." I mean, and he's pacing back and forth, back and forth. And he's like, this, this, this is terrible. I don't know what I'm going to do. So he lays down. He thinks about it at anything so long time about it. And he comes up with no solutions and he just keeps laying there and laying there until finally he passes away. And then after enough time, there's just a pile of bones laying where that big king of the jungle, the beast that could bring down anything you wanted to. Ran, and was the top of the predator chain, just laid there and died. Because at any moment he could have just walked, just jump right through that little spider web. It's just a little spiderweb. But he said, "I can't do that." I can't jump through that web.

So instead of going back out saying, you know what? Time for another gazelle and just having the rest of his great, wonderful lion life. He just became bones because he couldn't see that all he had to do, was jump through that little web and he thinks, Oh, I can't move away. I told you that. And you were like, I'm the lion, man. And then, and you know, you went right back and you did all the things you needed to do and you, you solved all of it.

Tom Foster:

Never, never. I might go sleep in the cave and there might be a spider web, but never will I turn the bones in a cave.

Rem Jackson:

But you were turning into bones. That's where you were.

Tom Foster:

And that's really the message for everybody. Don't turn to bones and go away. Cause you can always swipe away the cobwebs, even if you, even, if you get lazy.

Rem Jackson: Even if you think you can't, you absolutely can. And, spend time with Napoleon Hill, spend time with Jeff Olson, spend time with Peter Wishnie, Rem Jackson, and these books. However, you consume information. Listen to good podcasts. Check back in on World of Marketing, and I know more about aliens now than I ever knew before. It's a fun show along the way too.

So, just remember, prosperity is a function of marketing in business. 

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Tom Foster:

There you go.

Rem Jackson
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