Hi there. This is Rem Jackson. I'm the CEO and Founder of Top Practices. And at Top Practices, we help podiatrists be successful. And I want to talk to you if you're a new practitioner, or if you're thinking about opening or buying a practice, we have the plans. We have all the tools you need to turn this new business venture of yours into a great success.

We have led dozens and dozens of new doctors. Opened up just from scratch or bought an existing practice with all of the good that comes with it, and all of the problems that come with that. We've led them through that navigating those difficult waters. That's what we do at Top Practices. So take a look at the link, find out more about the Mastermind Group and how we work with everyone in Top Practices.

If you want to spend some time with me, we can arrange to have a conversation. I'm happy to do that. But think about joining Top Practices now, instead of having to say, as so many people have said to me, Rem, I wish I'd known about this 20 years ago. Don't make that mistake. Let's just talk. All we want to do is help.

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC