How does the Top Practices Marketing Mastermind Group work? I get that question all the time and it's a very simple answer. You simply become a member for a low monthly membership fee. And then you have access to two excellent marketing meetings every single month that we host online that are available by recordings, which you can listen to at any time you want to or view.

And one Mindset Call that we manage every single month that simply helps you and all of us that are small business owners be excellent. And then you have access to the Top Practices library, which is really the greatest repository of podiatric marketing and management information in the known universe.

I used to joke about that, and then I realized it's actually true. And then on top of that, you get to work with me directly each and every month. We'll have an action plan that we developed together specifically for you to use our marketing calendars, our tools inside our system of the four pillars, just so that your practice grows. And it grows the way you want to at the pace that you want to so that you can be as profitable literally as you want to be.

So that's how the Top Practices Mastermind Group works. It's easy. You join. You don't like it, you quit. That simple. So all you have to do is follow the link on this screen, or call the phone number if you want to talk to me. I'll be happy to go over how it works in even more detail with you. I've been helping doctors since 2007 in our Marketing Mastermind Group.

And I know that together we can help you too. I hope to talk to you soon.

Rem Jackson
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