"Hi, this is Rem Jackson from Top Practices. Most professionals, most medical practices don’t think that much about marketing. There’s a couple reasons for that. Number one, no one was ever taught marketing in medical school. No one was taught marketing after medical school, and yet, it’s the single most important business development activity that your practice can be engaged in. I’ll tell you - you can’t sit this out.

Marketing your practice effectively online has become essential and it’s getting more and more complex. You need to have a partner that knows how to do this, and do this well, for medical practices. I invite you to check out Top Practices. Come and find out about the hundreds of practices, all over North America, and in fact, now the world, that are using Top Practices to market their practice. Not only on the internet but all those excellent strategies that can help you build the relationships in your local community, with referral sources, both medical and non-medical, and utilize that one incredible resource called “Your List”. That list of people who already know you, like you, and trust you.

That’s what we do. We market medical practices using education. Teaching, guiding, helping - it’s the number one way to effectively market any business, including your practice. Come find out about Top Practices, find out about the marketing Mastermind group and how we help our members really truly market their practices in a way that can take their practice anywhere they want. I invite you to check it out. Thanks a lot."

Rem Jackson
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