"Hi there. This is Rem Jackson. The great Napoleon Hill coined the phrase, “The Mastermind.” What he meant by that was that, “I have intelligence, experience, creativity, and innovation. But whenever I join together with other individuals that have their creativity, innovation, ideas and experience, something greater is created.” He called that the Mastermind. That is the concept that Top Practices has been based on for the last decade."

"I get association with other successful individuals that are working in the same field that I am, so I can actually get their insight and their experience and learn from their mistakes and their successes."

"The networking opportunities and the support I’ve received from the Top Practices staff and from other Top Practices members has helped push me to grow and develop the practice that I wanted."

"The best thing about being a Top Practices member is the accountability that it provides for me. Having a set call every month, having the different opportunities to network with other practices as we’re trying to build our little empire in Central Illinois has been great."

"We were looking for a group that we could use to help benchmark our practice and learn other top practices. We joined because this was a group that we found both."

"It’s not just the information that you learn - like how to run your business, this I, this T - it’s that you have a fellowship of other doctors that you can go to and you can talk to about your problems and you don’t feel alone anymore."

"There are now practices all over North America, even in Australia, that work together on a regular basis sharing excellent ideas, helping each other know what works and doesn’t work. Combined with the expertise and the programs in Top Practices, we are able to help our members achieve things that they never thought were possible before."

"The growth has been phenomenal."

"Our first year the growth was exponential."

"We have tripled our practice’s revenue in the last 2 years." 

"Since joining Top Practices, I’ve had astounding growth in my practice - largely because of the marketing strategies that Rem discusses and implements with us."

"Top Practices has changed every facet of our practice. At the time, I had one full-time office and one part-time office and I had one doctor working with me. My practice has grown now and I have 10 offices and 10 doctors working with me. We are one of the largest practices in Central Indiana and continue to grow."

"My practice is a whole different practice." 

"I definitely enjoy my practice, my staff, and my life a lot more."

"I invite you to join the Mastermind group and find out how you can double, triple, or grow your practice even larger than that - if that’s what you want. And still get home for dinner."

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC