Hi everybody. This is Rem Jackson, the CEO of Top Practices.

My last video, we talked about the second most, second, most powerful strategy for success: masterminding with each other. Now I want to talk to you about the third, most powerful strategy for success, and that is goal setting. You need to take your goals seriously. Goals serve you in the good times and they serve you in the difficult times. Goals give you the ability to say no to those things that you should say no to, and yes, to those things that you should say yes to.

The great Warren Buffet said "Successful people say no to almost everything. Really successful people say no to everything." Now that doesn't mean that of course you're not engaged, that means you are very laser-focused on the steps, the strategies, and how you can take your business, your practice, your life to an entirely new level. People around you do do this all the time and they all do the same things. One of those things is they set goals, they monitor those goals, they are accountable to someone for those goals, they hit those goals, and then the best part of all you beat them. And you set new goals that are far higher than you ever thought possible. It's happened to me. It's happened to dozens and dozens, hundreds of people that I've worked with. Why not you? And if not now, When?

Give us a call, set up an appointment. Let's talk about it. I'd be delighted to help you as you move your practice forward in this new world that is filled, absolutely filled with opportunities. Stay safe, stay healthy. We are dedicated to your success at Top Practices. I'll talk to you soon.

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