For most of my professional career, I thought I knew how to steer my practice to be successful. However, I hit the proverbial ceiling. I’ve wanted to grow my practice for several years and did not really know how to make that happen. I knew I could not get any busier than I already am. I was frustrated, to say the least.

I first learned of Dr. Wishnie after hearing him on a podcast. I took a leap of faith and joined a mastermind group. This has been life-changing. He teaches you principles on finding the right associate from the start and how to get your associate to think like an owner from the beginning. I am in the process of hiring my first associate and expanding our growing practice. Dr. Wishnie is a wealth of knowledge and I will continue with him in future mastermind groups and one-on-one coaching.

Peter, thanks for being a guiding light in our profession. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and vision in developing thriving practices. I am glad to call you a colleague and now a friend.

Matthew Etheridge, DPM
Pensacola, Florida