Dr. Rion Berg"In the Fall of 2021, I decided to enroll in Dr. Peter Wishnie’s sales course. The simple statement is that the course was worth every penny, and I was able to implement changes in my practice immediately that had a profound effect on my bottom line.

To begin with, we set out a list of goals I wanted to achieve during the next year, both professional and personal. Peter’s expertise is certainly in management by the numbers, and this led to a consistent review of my benchmarks every two weeks at our meetings. We then broke these down and examined how I would focus on two key numbers, the total patients per week/month and the PVR. Goals were then set for targeted increase in the kinds of patients and services that would contribute to achieving these goals.

At the same time, Peter was reviewing my staffing, my efficiency, and my management of my time. He also didn’t hesitate to examine some of my perceived barriers to patient acceptance to treatment plans and coaching me how to overcome this through a change in my and my staff’s dialogue with patients.

The result was far greater acceptance of treatment plans by the patients.

Fairly quickly, at Peter’s advice, I added an additional medical assistant, added a virtual assistant for my front desk, and committed to paying myself more. While frankly, I wondered how I would pay for all this, now I can’t fathom how I could work without this additional help.

Peter’s coaching was priceless, my confidence and my success has improved dramatically, my take-home has increased, and my credit debt is vanishing. Most importantly, I love coming to work more than ever, even after 41 years of practice."

Rion Berg, DPM - Seattle, WA