"Whether you are the new physician or the one that has been practicing for many years, we all need a coach. A teacher that has already been where we have, and faced the same obstacles and has triumphed, and this is Dr. Peter Wishnie.

Peter has and is thriving with several successful, lucrative practices, so if we are the average of the 5 people we spend time with, then I knew I had to get coaching from Peter. If we invest so much in our medical education then we need to invest even more into our practice so that it is flourishing like that “well-oiled machine” without being a slave to it.

Peter provided that GPS to not only guide me, but maintain and accelerate the success of my medical practice. He provides the much needed foundation of what we need to consistently do to see the health of our practice grow exponentially with the patients we enjoy seeing so that we can also spend the time doing the things we love outside of work!

Thank you Peter for having the courage to be an open book!"


Marizeli Olacio, DPM - Miami Shores, FL