Everyone has both professional and personal goals for their lives. These are the things you want to achieve for yourself and for your practice. But while everyone has goals, not everyone completes them. Writing down your goals is the key to helping you succeed and meet the goals you set.

The importance of the act of actually writing down your goals cannot be overstated. People think about their future and current to-do lists all the time. This is almost always a source of stress. People simply have too much to do right now to handle the urgent things that must be done to keep a medical practice and a personal life afloat. Every now and again, one or two important-but-not-urgent goals will drift to the forefront of your mind and remind you of all the things you aren’t doing before sinking below more pressing obligations again, increasing your stress.

Writing down goals puts everything that’s important to you and that you want to achieve, both professionally and personally, right in front of you. This way you can constantly review it all and see clearly what you would need to do to achieve them. This also allows you focus in on saying “no” to the otherwise good things in life that would just distract you from accomplishing your goals. At Top Practices, we believe very strongly in the value of writing down goals, which is why we expertly guide all of our members through this process when they join Top Practices. For more information, call us at (717) 725-2679 or e-mail us at [email protected]. We’ve got the answers to your questions

Rem Jackson
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