One of the reasons for owning a professional practice, for being in business, is to have a happy, healthy, exemplary life. And yet most people that are struggling as small business owners, as all doctors are, as all lawyers are, find that they’re really dealing with stress and unbalance in their lives. So, you’ve got to get control over your practice first, so that your personal life can be everything that you want it to be. The steps to that are simple:

Number one, know exactly what you want. What your goals are. Remember this: your practice’s purpose is to serve you. It’s to help you live your ideal lifestyle. It’s not the other way around where you’re serving this practice that’s keeping you working nights and weekends and feeling stressed. So know your goals, and then get very serious about learning how to manage your practice. Find out more about how Top Practices can help you learn to manage by the numbers and not just by hope.

Rem Jackson
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Founder and CEO of Top Practices, LLC