Seeing more of a particular kind of patient boils down to your marketing. After all, you are trying to attract new people with a specific problem or group of problems to your office. You have to reach out to those people and let them know you can help them. You do this by targeting all of your marketing to cover the concerns and the medical issues that those ideal patients have.

For example, say you are a podiatrist and you want to see more fungal toenail patients. Or say you’re a plastic surgeon, and you want to perform more tummy tuck procedures. You would need to tailor your informational marketing to specifically address people who might already be interested in these topics. This means writing webpages and blogs about those issues, posting content on social media, sending out e-mails to your database, and finding other outlets where you can promote how you help the particular patients that you want in your office.

Why do all that? People suffering with fungal toenails or who are interested in a tummy tuck are hoping to find, or are actively seeking, information about their problems. If your marketing demonstrates that you know how to fix their problems, they will notice you. You will stand out—and those ideal, desired patients will start making more and more appointments over time. At Top Practices, we know this approach works, because it completely transformed the practices of several of our members. If you’d like to know more about attracting certain patients, check out our Mastermind group for more information.
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