The way to stand out from all the other local practices in your area is to differentiate. You need to separate yourself from the other doctors and demonstrate, without saying it outright, that you are the best choice to solve the problems that people are struggling with. You do this through your marketing.

Marketing allows you to function as a specialist and to reach out to the specific kinds of people you would like to see in your office. No, this doesn’t mean you stop seeing general podiatry patients. Those people will still play a large role in your patient base. Becoming a specialist in your marketing means you speak directly to niche areas within your market instead of focusing on the general problems people might have. If you want to see more bunion surgery patients, you need to market yourself as an expert in that niche area—specifically to the people who are already concerned about their feet. Don’t just announce you are the best. Show potential patients that you are the one person in their local market that can truly fix their problems by promoting information and education through your four pillars of marketing.

If you look exactly like every other doctor on the block, you will never stand out. The key is to differentiate yourself. If you’re serious about getting started, see how the Top Practices Mastermind Group can help you. Just ask us for more information about the group and services that have already helped dozens of other practices. You can e-mail us at [email protected] or call (717) 725-2679.

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