In business, differentiation isn’t just a goal, it’s a necessity. It’s what survives the changes we’re seeing in the medical world. It’s what makes you stand out so people say THAT guy can help me. The key differentiator for all podiatry practices, for all professional practices, for all business, and for all institutions, is information.

Information that answers clients’ questions and their worries. Remember, no one is interested in hearing about you and your qualifications. They only want to know “can you fix me?” If I choose you, will you be the best choice I could have made and will my problem go away?

Touch the Story Already on Their Minds

You differentiate your practice from all other choices by offering an overwhelming amount of education and information to your market. This information can take many forms: books (or booklets) to answer their questions; articles you have posted on your website; articles others have posted on their websites that point back to you; blog posts, Facebook posts; Tweets on Twitter; Pinterest pictures, videos, testimonials, newsletters sent to them (electronically and paper), letters, postcards, and much more. In other words, you use the full range of options now available to professionals both online and offline.

All of this content is written from the patient’s point of view. It uses their words, not yours; it speaks to what they are concerned about, not what interests you or your colleagues. It offers an overwhelming amount of “proof” that you are the expert in their market. It shows that you are the best possible choice and you “will fix them,” without ever directly asserting it yourself. You do this in a slight edge way – a little every day, over time, adds up to a lot and to big results. Take a closer look at the Top Practices website for more information about how our Mastermind Group can help you.

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