Every once in a while somebody has something of real value to say – Napoleon Hill in “Think and Grow Rich,” for example, or John Maxwell in “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership.”

Jeff Olson has done just this in his book, “The Slight Edge.”

If you don’t own it, minimize this screen and order it right now and read it as soon as possible…I mean it.

OK Already, I’m Listening!

You know something is good when you start being told by more than one person you should get a copy. Dr. Peter Wishnie, the practice management genius whom I work with in Top Practices, told me I had to read it. Larry Weinstein, the founder of Smart Marketing for Accountants, mailed me a copy. Tom Foster, CEO of Foster Web Marketing, pestered me to get it and read it.

So I did…and wow.

My Top Practices members and I have taken a deep dive into this book in our monthly mindset calls. This is just a small taste of the awesomeness that is embodied in this book.

You Already Know What to Do

Olson makes the point that we already know what to do in most cases. We’ve read enough self help books, enough health and diet plans. We KNOW how to exercise. If you’re a Top Practices member, you KNOW what you need to do to market your practice. But only 2% of us actually do the things we need to do to accomplish anything. (That’s not Olson’s number. It’s Napoleon Hill’s number, and I’ve learned it is accurate.)

Think about that. You ALREADY KNOW everything you need to know to accomplish everything you wish to accomplish in your life. So what’s the problem? What’s the answer?

The answer is…wait for it…you don’t do it.

Yup. You just don’t do it. On top of that, what you need to do is EASY to do. But here’s the thing. It’s easy NOT to do it, too. Just as easy. And if you aren’t in the habit of doing it, then you will (98% of the time) NOT do it. Just like you’re not doing it now.

So what’s the deal?

Stick around for next week’s blog to find out.

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