Hi, its Tina and I’m here with your One Minute Management Tip. Actually, today I want you to ask yourself a question. If you’re the physician business owner or an office manager, your question to ask is “Would I want to work for me?” Really think about it. And if you’re in any other position in the practice, your question would be “Would I want to work with me?” Yes, every single day.

Do you know that if we ask ourselves these questions and we really think about it, is there something we could do that maybe would make our coworkers day better? Is there something that I could do to make my staff day better? Or if I’m the physician, what could I do to make my employees day better? Am I bringing my best self to work every single day? I know that things happen, and things get in the way, but do you know what? When we bring bad things to work and we let that rub off on those that we work with, it ends up being a bad day and sometimes one bad day can turn into another and before you know it you’ve got a really bad environment and trying to recover from that can be very difficult.

So, by asking yourself this reflective question: "Would I want to work for me?", or "Would I want to work with me every single day?", we can prevent that, not every bad thing, but we can prevent a whole lot of really negative things from coming into our practice and creating a better work environment for everyone.

Well, I hope this tip gives you some food for thought. If you have any questions or need any help, just email me at [email protected]. Thank you for joining me.