Hi, my name is Tina Del Buono. I'm a Practice Management Coach and Consultant for Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute. I'm here today to talk to you about money. Yes, money. There is no way that we can keep our doors open unless the money keeps coming in. And far too often it takes such effort and time to be able to collect what is due to the practice that when that money does come in, if it does, it is worth virtually nothing to the practice. Yes, and why? Because you've spent so much time sending out statements and making phone calls and trying to collect that money and when you do that, the value of that dollar is less because the practice has had to spend so much time and effort which costs money to collect that money.

Well, we've got a simple solution for you and yes, it really is simple. There are only six steps in our new program, Six Steps to Collecting Up Front, where you, the doctor and your staff can learn how to collect what is due to the practice at the time of the patient's appointment. Yes, at the time. And then if there is a balance, it's such a small balance that you can actually make a phone call and collect it afterwards because why? You've educated your patients as to this is how your practice runs.

In our new video series, we will teach the six steps which are: Developing your front door policies, training your staff, data gathering - which is very important - and then ultimately your patient education, which includes protection contracts and going over the payment methods that your practice accepts.

Well, if you want to start collecting upfront and have your accounts receivables report go down, all you have to do is click the link below and let's get started.