Does your stomach turn to knots when a great employee comes in and hands in their resignation?

Hi, I'm Peter Wishnie here's another One Minute Practice Management Tip. So, a great team member comes in, hands you their resignation, and your stomach turns into knots. So, here are some great tips so you don't get stressed out.

Tip #1: Build Your Bench

Like every single great team, they have a great bench. What does that mean? That means having an extra pair or two, and that really doesn't mean extra, it means having other people on your team who could fill in. You know what? People go on vacation. People get sick and you do not want to lose efficiency when someone is out. So, always build your bench. Always look for great players. 

#2: Cross Train

Hire great staff members who could handle multiple positions and train for those positions. So when someone leaves or is out for the day, they can fill in that position. 

#3: Don't Get Stressed Out 

Because this is business and business is business.

#4: Treat Your Staff Members with Respect

So, stay focused, my friends and until next time have a great day.