"Hi, I’m Tina DelBuono. Welcome to our one minute management tip today. Today I’m going to talk about housekeeping - the appearance of our practice - because the appearance of our practice is the same as the appearance of ourselves to our patients. When you see someone and maybe their clothes are messy or dirty and their hair hasn’t been combed, you drawn an instant opinion about that person. The same thing happens when our patients walk in our front door and they look at our practice. Is it neat? Is the waiting room neat? Are the magazines tattered and torn, or are they put in neatly, and are they new? These things do mean a lot, even though it has nothing to do with medical care that they get in your practice. Our treatment rooms should be spotless when patients walk in. It should be as though no other patient has been in that room before them. 
When you’re scheduling patients, you do need to take this into consideration, to make sure that the back office staff has time to make sure those rooms are set up, clean, neat, everything wiped off for each patient as they walk in. And another little tip I’m going to give you is take the time to sit in your own treatment room chair. Look and see what your patients are seeing while they’re visiting your practice. Is it appealing to them? Is it neat and clean and organized? Well, I hope this helps you because it does mean a lot to patients and the opinions that they draw about our medical practice. Remember, we’re always here at the Practice Management Institute at Top Practices to help you. Email us if you have any questions!"