Hi, it's Tina and I'm here with your One Minute Management Tip. This one is for office managers. 

You know, it's real important that we connect with every person in the practice and pretty much on a daily basis. I know we're busy and we have a lot of work to do. But do you know how important it is to be a walkabout manager? Where you stopped by people steps and you ask them, how are things going? Do you need any help? Do you have any questions? Is everything okay? Or is there anything I can do for you? That's important and that means a lot. When we stay in our offices and we have to wait for people to come to us when they have a problem, and if they don't come to us, we think that things were going well. That's just not right. Get out there. Be with the troops. Find out what's going on and find out how you can help. 

Well, I hope this tip gives you some food for thought. If you have any questions, you could just email me at [email protected].