Hi everyone. This is Dr. Peter Wishnie for another one-minute practice management tip.

What is the one thing that can easily kill your business?

And that is very simple: the lack of speed. The lack of speed, meaning that you promise your patients something such as their orthotics within two to three weeks. And you know what? They are delayed. They're delayed by a lot. And the patient constantly has to call you to say, "Hey, where are my orthotics?" "Where are my shoes?" "Where is this product?" The speed of delivery is so important. It's vital to the success of your business. So, if you have a product that you say you're going to give them within a certain period of time, make sure you deliver on that promise.

Here's a little tip to make sure you do that. Have an Excel spreadsheet with the patient's name, the date that you, you basically cast them for the orthotics, or you ordered their custom shoes. And then basically the day that you promise these shoes need to be delivered. And then let's say, you said, three weeks. "You're going to get the orthotics in three weeks, Mrs. Jones." After two weeks, check on this order, make sure they are on the process of being shipped to your office. And if not, and if they're going to be delayed, call the patient before the patient calls you. That's going to help go a long way.

Hey, so not delivering your promise, but you know what? It shows that you're on top of your game and you apologize. And then maybe give them a little Dunkin Donuts gift card or a Starbucks gift card and apologize. But better yet, if you say it's going to be delivered in three weeks, get it to them in two weeks. Okay? That is your tip. In the meantime, stay focused my friends, and have a great day.