Hi, I'm Dr. Peter Wishnie. Here's your One Minute Practice Management Tip. Today I'm going to talk about patient education. One of the problems patients have with their doctors is the lack of communication, a lack of education. So here at Family Foot & Ankle Specialists, we do something special to help communicate better with them.

We have something here called a treatment packet. So, if a patient has something called Plantar Fasciitis, over here are all our treatment plan options. And I'm going to go over them quickly with you. We have a) conservative treatment b) we have non-invasive, and then c) we have open surgical treatment. And in addition in this packet, we have educational information about Plantar Fasciitis and other brochures about the procedures that we just described. The patient can take this folder home. And I always joke around with the husbands, "You know what? If your wife will ask you what did the doctor say you can just say, 'Here's the treatment packet!', and then go watch the football game."

I also want to show you right over here, all these different folders for different diagnoses. So, to better communicate with your patients and educate them, give some great information that they can take home and help them and help their families.

Thank you, and stay focused my friends, and until next time.