Rem Jackson: 2007. So it was probably about a year and a half or so after I met you and Ben that, I really knew the direction that I needed to go and had developed a really wonderful relationship with podiatrists through the...

Tom Foster: So, how did that come about?

Rem Jackson: Well again, my good friend Greg Gilson knew that the AAPPM, which is the American Academy of Podiatric Practice Management, was having a meeting in Baltimore. And so we drove down there and I met with the board. I met with a Hal Ornstein who was the chairman of the board at the time and, the group of board of trustees that were there. And basically talked to them about the idea about doing some kind of a professional development event specifically for, podiatry, which they do. I mean, that's the kind of conferences they do. And you know, this is an interesting story. So, we had this meeting, you know, and I got to know them and I liked them a lot. I pitched them on this idea and Hal, who will, you know, he looked at me and he goes, "You know, you had been so polite to the waiter this whole time we're here and so respectful. I like you. We're going to do this."

Tom Foster: That's great.

Rem Jackson: So, never forget who you're talking to when you're talking to anyone at all. You really, you don't know. You might be talking to the person that's going to make that decision later about you. So treat everybody well.

Tom Foster: Well, there's lesson one for our podcast. Treat everyone well. And that's what you do. And in all the years that I've known you, that's exactly how you've been to everybody that I know. I can't think of anybody that would, could speak an ill word of Rem Jackson.

Rem Jackson: I hope not. You know.

Tom Foster: Just a good guy.

Rem Jackson: Just a person.

Tom Foster: And you've, you've helped so many people, not just podiatrists. I'll claim myself as one of them. You know, you're on a short list of people I call mentors. You're a very good friend, but one of my first mentors.