Hi, it’s Tina and welcome to today's One Minute Management Tip. Today I’m going to talk about a successful manager’s mindset and what that needs to be.

You know, the qualities of an office manager are many but their mindset is just so important because an office manager’s mindset is not on them. They realize it is not them who makes the team successful, it is the team as a whole that then makes the practice successful. And they're always looking for people who that they can raise up as leaders in their practice and they have a vision of what their team can accomplish and they help them execute it and complete it for the overall success of the practice.

And another part of their mindset is that they need to be flexible. They realize that plan 2 or 3 may become plan 1 at a moment's notice and they help their team shift to make that happen. You know, our mindset is a very powerful thing. It can make us successful or unsuccessful. It can make us positive or negative. It's our mindset. And if you want to learn more about mindset and how powerful it is in you becoming a successful person, an employee,  physician, office manager, whatever your title is. You can check out my new video series, How to Take Charge of Your Medical Practice and Run it Simply, Smartly, and Successfully. We talk in detail about mindset in this video series. Or if you have any questions just email me at [email protected].

Well, I hope I’ve given you some food for thought on how to have the right mindset to be successful.