"Happy New Years everyone! It’s new year’s time and you know what that means? It’s time to set your goals. You’ve heard about that - goals and resolutions. Now, first of all, if you haven’t set your goals, I recommend you do that. Why don’t goals work? I’ll tell you why. Because one, you did not write them down. Goals not written down - they’re basically a dream. So, first, write them down and then read them every single day. 
I’ll tell you another reason why goals are not going to work for you, and that’s because what happens is you set a big goal - let’s say you want to increase your practice by 10, 15, 20% this year, and you say, “By December 31st, 2017, we’ll increase our profits by 15%.” You go, “Ok that sounds great. It’s achievable.” But come May, June, and July you say, “Ah, I have so much time to get these goals taken care of.” 
Maybe it’s losing weight, but your goal is December 31st. Then comes October and you look at your goals again and say, “You know what? It’s impossible now to achieve my goals.” So what do you do? You put them on the backburner and you say, “2018, I’ll start all over again.”
But I’m going to tell you how you can achieve your goals right now by doing something very simple. I have two things, actually, and they’re both books here that I would highly recommend. The first one’s called The Slight Edge and The One Thing. Combining these two things, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, and The One Thing by Gary Keller -  these two things will help you achieve your goals. 
What do I mean by that? The Slight Edge. If you figure out you want to increase your profits by 15%, so what does that mean? How much more money do you need to make this month? This week? Today? And you focus on the one thing, the one thing that’s going to help you achieve that increase in your profits today. You look at your office from last year. Maybe you need to increase your marketing, so what are you going to do this week, this month to increase your marketing? Maybe you need to get your systems and protocols in place by having a more organized office, maybe more patients will refer other patients. 
All you have to do is focus on that one thing. The one thing every single day, put it on a card, read that card every day, set your goals for that day and think about that day. If you want to lose weight, if you want to lose 50 pounds this year, what do you have to do today? Well, I have to get up and sometime today I have to exercise maybe, and decrease the amount of calories. So, set your eating plan the day before. Again folks, do just a little bit every single day and 2017 will be a fantastic year. Thank you and have a happy, healthy, prosperous new year."