Hi, welcome to today’s one minute management tip. My name is Tina Del Buono. Did you know that successful businesses are ones that meet with their team every single day for 5-15 minutes? You kind of wonder, what could you actually do in and accomplish in 5-15 minutes with your team every day? Well, I can tell you, with our team every morning we start out looking at our schedule. We anticipate what the needs are going to be for the patients who are coming in - therefore we’re all on the same playing field. We also take a few minutes to talk about what kind of issues may come up and how we can prevent them, or we ask if anyone has any problems that they need help with. Then we can all jump in as a team and work together. 5-15 minutes a day really isn’t that much time if you stop and think about it, and how much time it would save if you can prevent the problems that you may have every single day. I call these our ‘morning huddles’. It’s also great at the end of the day, we can gather at the end of today and say, ‘How did today go?’ Most of the time we know, because we’re either really happy or we know that there’s something that we need to work on. You might want to think about trying to meet for 5-15 minutes a day with your team. I bet you it would make a great difference in how your practice runs every single day. Thank you for joining me - have a great day!