I love Michael Hyatt goal setting acronym. He says, "Goals need to be smarter".

Dr. Peter Wishnie here for another One Minute Practice Management Tip.

The first "r" in smarter is for risky. Now risky does not mean taking stupid chances, but it does help you get out of your comfort zone. A perfect example for taking your risk is maybe that piece of equipment you were thinking of buying, but you're wondering if was worth taking that risk. Let's say it is a laser you are thinking of buying. Do some research, ask other doctors if it's helping your patients and how do they sell that piece of equipment to the patients. Do you have patients that could benefit from the laser? Now do not. I mean do not start justifying on why your patients won't pay for the service. All that is is an excuse for not taking a chance.

If you have a problem with selling your services and that is the main reason you're not taking your risk, then contact me at [email protected] and I could teach you how to get your patients to pay for the services they need to get better quickly and painlessly. Until next time, stay focused. My friends.