"Hello, welcome to today’s one-minute management tip, my name is Tina Del Buono. You know our practices can get pretty hectic sometimes, and when that happens we all seem to get a little defensive. If somebody steps in and asks us to do something else, sometimes we just want to say “you don’t understand what I have to do and what I’m going through.” 
You know, Stephen Covey said “when you show empathy and understanding for where they’re at, their defense system goes down.” And you know what’s replaced with that? Positive energy. That’s when we can get creative together with our team – to work and solve problems in the practice. Pretty amazing! We just need to care for one another. 
So when your staff believes that you really care about them, and that you understand what they’re going through, their energy is going to increase . . . WOO WOO. We all want that! And you know what else? They’re going to begin to care for one another and the patients that come in to the practice. It’s a win-win for everyone. So, let’s practice some caring each day when we go to work. Thank you for joining me, and I hope you have a wonderful day!"