Hi everyone. This is Dr. Peter Wishnie for another One Minute Practice Management Tip.

So, my car maintenance light came on, and like most people we ignore it, we wait weeks and weeks before we bring our car in. But, it made me think do we do the same thing for our minds and our bodies? And a lot of us do and that’s not good.

 So, the best way to prevent that and take care of yourself is a plan. Plan your day ahead, plan your week. What are you going to do today, this week, for your mind, for your body? What are you going to read? Are you going to read something good? Are you going to listen to some bad news like CNN constantly negative news? Or do we actually read something that’s going to make us feel good about ourselves and about the people around us? And what about our bodies? Do we drink enough water? Do we sleep properly? Do we take our vitamins? Do we exercise? Do we meditate? What do you do on a daily basis to take care of you? Because just like being on a plane if you don’t take care of yourself first and put that mask on first, you can’t take care of the loved ones around you.

So, my friends stay focus, plan your day, and stay well, and maintain your life. Have a great day.