Hi everyone. Dr. Wishnie here for another one-minute practice management tip.  Today, I want to talk about goal setting again. See the first half of the year is over and now we're into July and last six months of the year. And most people set their goals, if they do set their goals in end of December, January, and they might look at them a few times, but they haven't really looked at them on a regular basis. So the key I want to talk about is look at your goals daily.  I just got engaged and that was one of my goals for the year. And others to be physically fit and to reach a certain level, and that has happened as well. And to grow my practice about 25-30%, which I am on the way to do that as well.

But that happens because almost daily, not every day, but almost daily, I look at these goals. I figure out what I need to do today, every single day, to get closer to these goals. So I have about nine goals for the year set forth and I'm about halfway through getting most of them or half of them done. So, we're now going to really pay attention to the others without stopping and forgetting about the few that I am on my way to achieve.

So, practice goals, financial goals, relaxation, fun goals, things you want to do, and not just business, not just pure work, work, work. I urge you, if you have not set goals, please do that right now. It's not too late. And if you have, review them. Okay. Maybe alter them if you have to, but they should stretch you slightly.

So they do, but still possible achieve don't change them. So that's my almost two-minute tip, actually. Have a great day. Stay focused, my friends.