Hi, it's Tina and I'm here with your one-minute management tip. You know, the Summit was amazing. And for those of you who were at the Summit in the office managers group, we had the opportunity to have Jay Henderson from Real Talent Hiring, come and talk with us about communication and understanding. And he shared with us this great resource, and it's by Alan Fine, and it's called You Already Know How to Be Great. And this is a fantastic book.

In this book, Alan Fine defines the inside out approach. And it's learning how to remove the obstacles that get in the way of us already using the skills and knowledge that we have to be able to move ahead. He calls it, Faith, Fire and Focus.

So, if you want to move yourself ahead and your team ahead, then you might wanna pick up this book. It's a great read. You take care. And if you need me, just email me at [email protected]. Talk to you later. Bye.