In order to get your patients to say yes to your recommendations. You need one thing.

Hi, this is Dr. Peter Wishnie and here is another one-minute practice management tip.

What's that one thing? That one thing is high energy. Salespeople, doctors, anybody who's providing a service or product you need to have high energy in order for your patient to say yes to your recommendations.

Now, I don't really mean like being over-the-top because you have to relate to your patients and your patients have to relate to you. So you can't go on like saying, "Hey man, these orthotics are just crazy really amazing and great. They're going to make you look like you're 20. You're going to be able to run a mile under 3 minutes."

No, you have to be real and it's more like, "Mary, I am so excited that we can really help you, and we're going to help you with these custom orthotics. And I'm very excited that we can do that for you." And just like that. You know, something like that. Just say something like, "It is essential in order to get you better. For you to get these orthotics, so you can do, fill in the blank. You can run again. You can stand all day long at work." Whatever they need, but smile. When you smile you have you will show energy and enthusiasm. Your shoulders will be back. You're not going to be like hunched over and being depressed like, "You know, these orthotics, you know they're expensive, but they'll help you."

You can't do that. High energy folks. High energy, smile, walk around your office with a big smile and stay focused, and have a great day.