Hi, it's Tina and I'm here with your one-minute management tip. You know, we all have standards and expectations when we go into a place of business. It's the same when patients come to visit us. They have standards and expectations. They expect to be treated well, with kindness, being cared for, and being respected, being seen on time.

And you know what? That's all part of great patient service, but there's another standard in the practice that we need to uphold. And that's the standard of treating each other well. Yes, coworkers, the people you work with, the employers that you work for. Are we helpful every day? Are we kind and caring to them?

Do we reach out to support one another? And are there helping each other each day, making sure that we can get the things that we need to get done. You know, by setting these standards and then meeting them, we're building trust with one another in the practice. And great teams can only be built when there is trust.

So make sure you sit down, take some time and talk about the standards that all of you expect from one another in the practice. You'll be glad that you did, and you will be building a stronger team for doing so. If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected] or you can email Dr. Peter Wishnie at [email protected]. We're here for you. And I hope you take care and have a great day. Bye.