Hi, and welcome to today's One Minute Management tip. My name is Tina Del Buono and we've been talking a lot about leadership lately at Top Practices. If you're part of the Virtual Practice Management Institute, you know that our last 2 modules have been all about leadership. How important it is that we raise those that we work with, up to be leaders in their positions. You know, we need to keep the morale of our organization up, exciting, and happy, and that takes a lot of effort. So, you know what that means? We need to be able to lead and motivate ourselves. If we can't do that, how can we expect to do that for anyone else or for them to do it.

Our job when we go to work every day is to make sure that we improve thing, yes, improve things! When you walk in your back door, you need to think about what is it that I can do today to improve things around here. And before you know it, others will be thinking the same way. 

So, remember lead yourself, motivate yourself, and you will be an example for everyone in your practice! Well thank you for joining me today and I hope you have a great afternoon!