Hi, my name is Tina Del Buono. I'm a Practice Management Coach and Consultant for Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute. You might be wondering, is this program Six Steps to Collecting Up Front right for my practice? Well, I can tell you it is right for any practice. Whether it be just one doctor and one or two medical assistants or whether you've got a small clinic, it is important to collect what is due to your practice at the time of the patient's appointment instead of waiting 30, 60 or 90 days to collect that balance afterwards. Why? Because when you wait to collect that money, that money is worth less and it costs more, my staff members' time, by sending out statements, by making phone calls to collect that money afterwards when you could have just collected it upfront and saved yourself time and money.


And what could you do with that time?

  • Staff could be improving the efficiencies of your practice.
  • You could be out there marketing your practice to bring in more patients.

There are just endless things that you could do with the time that it takes to collect money afterwards if you invested in collecting upfront now. So, now that you know that this program is right for you, all you have to do is click the link below and get started. And why wouldn't you? It comes with a hundred percent money back guarantee. Well, I look forward to coaching you in this program on how to collect up front for your practice.