Hi, it's Tina from Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute. You know, last week I did a video on lessons that we could learn from the story about Scrooge. Things that he saw in the past that he couldn't change and how it was affecting the present and what could happen in the future if he didn't make any changes. But you know what? We get so overwhelmed thinking about the change and we need to remember this lesson that Scrooge taught us. All he did on Christmas morning when he woke up was two simple things. What were they? One, he bought a turkey, and he sent it to Bob Cratchit’s house, and two, he got up, he got himself dressed and he went to his nephew's house for Christmas dinner.

Just two things began the change of Scrooge's future. So when you think about the changes that you need to be making your practice, don't get overwhelmed. Just know that you can take one or two steps to change the future of your practice. And I want you to know the Dr. Peter Wishnie, my partner, and myself are here to help you and that we have Top Practices Virtual Practice Management Institute that you can become a member of. Or if you would just like some individual consulting our coaching, we're available for that. Also, all you have to do is click the link in this video. Well, remember it's one or two small things to begin the change in the future of your practice. Let us know if we can help you. Bye.