Building a successful medical practice is like building a home.

Would you build a frame and pour cement for your foundation without any idea of what needs to be done to make it solid and strong enough to hold the structure you want to build? Most likely you would contract an architect who would draft plans to build your home starting with a solid foundation.

When building a successful medical practice you need to think along the same lines as building a home, starting with the foundation. It needs to be solid, level and strong enough to hold the structure that will be built upon it.



I’m pretty sure you are here on this site because you have asked yourself one of these questions before, if not, all of them:

• I wonder what is going on outside of this treatment room door while I am seeing patients?
• How can I know that all of the work is really being completed in the practice?
• Why don’t my staff take ownership of their job and do what needs to be done without being continually asked?
• Is every dollar due to me is being billed and collected?
• Why does it seem that there is always some problem to battle in the practice?


First of all, let me congratulate you for being here and your desire to create a well-run medical practice.

Whether you’re in private practice, work in a group or clinic there is more that goes on than seeing patients that contribute to your success. It’s called the business of medicine, something that you weren’t taught in medical school.

If you are like most physicians you just want to help your patients feel better, it is what you are passionate about, not running a business.



There is really only one way to start to build a successful practice and that is from the foundation up.

So often, physicians and management staff will come up with some new idea or system thinking it will answer all of the problems of the practice and that just isn’t so. The foundation has to be a strong one that is strategically built with several basic building blocks set in place, one on top of another to create the practice that you can build into one of your dreams.


In this video course, you will learn “How to take charge of your medical practice and run it simply, smartly and successfully” beginning with the foundation, there is just no other way.

There are six topics covered in this course that will teach you the physician, your office manager or team leader what you personally need to do to be successful in your position in order to set up your practice systems for success using a simple formula I call “Circular System Strategies.”

1. In the first module we start with the foundation, what is the vision of the practice? Defining who is running what in the practice, what their job description is and the importance of accountability.

2. The next module will cover the Rx for personal high-performance success. Covering four key areas, clarity, productivity, influence, and energy. Each of these is a critical factor in how we perform each day and influence others to do the same.

3. In the third module, we will cover “mindset” what type of mindset you need to have to perform at the highest level of management. I will teach how to be a forward thinker and how to think for change. Also covered are the topics of being confident, capable and persistent that will take you to the next level of thinking for success and becoming a role model that inspires others.

4. The fourth module covers the importance of clear, concise communication. Without excellent communication skills getting others to do what is necessary is tough. Open communication and active listening are critical skills that must be masters in order to communicate successfully with employees and employees with their employer.

5. The fifth module will cover implementing successful systems for success in the practice, from creating a workable schedule for office flow, understanding staff task flow to defining what tasks need systems for monitoring by using “Circular System Strategies” This video section will cover from creating the system to implementing it.

6. The final video is called “Keeping your finger on the pulse of the practice” and will show you how to set up simple protocols for the various systems that allows you the physician, your office manager or team leader to check that everything is being done daily, weekly and monthly according to your schedule.


Stop the struggle and get started by drafting the plans for your medical practice.

Dream practices are built one step at a time on a solid foundation with a well-developed plan to follow.