Hi, it's Tina and I'm here with your one-minute management tip. Today, we're going to talk about etiquette in the workplace. Now, I'm going to go over a few things that we actually probably learned in kindergarten, but so often we forget to demonstrate them and practice them every single day in our lives.

So, the first one, and this is really important in the practice, is using proper greetings, especially with our patients. It isn't like, "Hey, what you doing?" Or, "Hey, nice to see ya." "What are you guys up to?" Let's use proper greetings. And you need to discuss these and set them up in your practice. That's one thing that's important about etiquette rules is that everyone will follow them.

The next one is learn to say please and thank you. Yes, even to your co-workers. It means a lot.

And be mindful of the language that you do use at work. Sometimes we can encounter a patient that's not real happy. And when they leave the practice, we make a comment about it. And yes, are we feeling hurt? Maybe. But we really need to watch because others are listening and they will pick up on our negativity. So we don't want to do that.

The other one, be a good listener. This takes practice. I know. I have had to work on it all my life. Listen, listen, listen.

Learn to dress appropriately in the practice. If your practice has a dress code standard, adhere to it. I know at one point in my practice, I had to buy a few staff members irons because they didn't own them, but I didn't want them coming to work in wrinkled clothes.

Be punctual. Arrive to work before It's time to start work and try and keep your schedule on time because we need to be a respecter of other people's time as well. So being punctual is very important in running a medical practice.

The other one, practice good communication and this takes time. This is like being a good listener. We're always learning how to communicate better.

Now, Top Practices Practice Management offers virtual staff education courses on topics that you need right in the privacy of your own practice, when it's convenient for you. If you would like a virtual crash course on etiquette or something else, all you have to do is email me at [email protected] or Dr. Peter Wishnie at [email protected]. I hope you take these tips to heart and start practicing them your practice. Take care. Bye.