Hello, I'm Dr. Peter Wishnie and this is your One Minute Practice Management Tip. Well I just got back from Italy, I had a great time! Not only just vacationing but I lectured at the International Foot and Ankle Foundation. And it was absolutely fantastic, the food was great, but you know what docs? When you go on vacation and get on that plane back home, you might be stressed out thinking about all the things you need to do such as answering emails, checking your mail, and just messages, triages, just things that might be on your desk and you just have so much to do that wish you didn't go on vacation.

Well, let me tell you how to handle that because when I came back and even though I came back to the office one hour prior to the start of the day to work on all this, I had so much extra time I did not need to do that because of my staff. You know what, this doesn't have to happen and how you handle this is knowing the difference between empowerment and emancipation. The book Turn The Ship Around by Captain David Marquet he talks about this. Empowerment, what that really means is empowering your staff. When you empower someone you're empowering a follower. As a leader, you're empowering a follower. You want to emancipate them meaning you let them free to make decisions on their own so they handle almost everything that they can possibly handle. So friends, no longer do you need to be stressed out when you get back from vacation. Learn the difference between empowerment and emancipation, become a terrific leader, make other people in your staff leaders as well and you'll have a great vacation. Stay focused my friends, this is Dr. Peter Wishnie of the Virtual Practice Management Institute.