Hi everyone. I'm Dr. Wishnie. And today I'm gonna talk about how to solve a problem in four easy steps. In order to be a great leader, you need to be able to handle and solve a problem quickly. Sometimes this is hard to do because let's face it, you have so many things that are happening all at once. You're writing out a prescription, looking at X-rays, speaking to patients about their foot and ankle issues, and then boom, your network goes down or your X-ray unit dies on you. Or even sometimes worse, an employee needs to talk to you immediately about a problem.

So what do you do? First thing you should do is breathe four slow breaths. Now, trust me, you will feel better and you won't be any further behind schedule.

2. Figure out who can handle these issues and delegate.

3. Evaluate your options. What's the quickest way to handle something right now. And ask questions and then make the decisions.

4. Then when everything settles down, take the time to find the root cause of the problem. And put in systems to prevent it from happening again. And make sure these systems are reviewed periodically.

Now, in the meantime, stay focused my friends, and have a great day.